• The Point of Pointless Projects @ PyCon SE 2016, Video, Slides

Open source projects

  • pymetawear - Python client for connecting to MbientLab's MetaWear boards
  • HitherDither - Dithering algorithms for arbitrary palettes in PIL
  • pybankid - BankID client for Python
  • imdirect - Monkey patch for PIL, performing automatic rotation of opened JPEG images
  • SudokuExtract - An image processing tool for extracting Sudokus from images
  • pyefd - Python implementation of "Elliptic Fourier Features of a Closed Contour"
  • xmlr - Python package for parsing very large XML files
  • b2ac - Python and C implementations of an ellipse fitting algorithm in double and fixed point precision.
  • DLXSudoku - Sudoku Solver written in pure Python with no dependencies
  • skboost - MILBoost and other boosting algorithms, compatible with scikit-learn
  • pyberryimu - I2C communications lib for using BerryIMU