Python and the JSON dict

written by Henrik Blidh on 2016-10-15

A blog post about the pains of memory overhead in representing large JSON documents using Python's dict data structure. It also demonstrates the use of my package xmlr for parsing large XML files with as small memory footprint as possible.

Connecting to SQL Server on Azure with Python

written by Henrik Blidh on 2016-10-01

I had some problems connecting to SQL Server instances on Azure, and I decided to do this writeup of how to connect to such servers using pymssql, SQLAlchemy and Records: SQL for Humans™.

Extracting Sudokus from images using scikit-image

written by Henrik Blidh on 2016-02-10

The first part in a series on how to use the scikit-image Python module to extract Sudokus from images. It deals primarily with detecting the region of interest where a Sudoku might be located.